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Pagan Baptism on 24 June 2022 in Königs Wusterhausen

We were already able to celebrate a pagan marriage ceremony with Franziska and Christopher on the winter solstice in 2017. Even then they prophesied that we would meet again. Now the time has finally come – four and a half years later, we are happy about the naming ceremony we are allowed to host for their first-born daughter Luna Elise Marie.

Already at her birth, Luna did honour to her name and thus to the goddess of the moon. She saw the light of day just in time for the full moon in the month of Brachet 2021. Her current naming ceremony takes place on the family property in Königs Wusterhausen. Friends and family listen to the meaning of the name together with the little baptizand. Bright and joyful, she accepts the gifts and characteristics of earth, water, air and fire. And the young lady also receives positive attributes from her godparents on her path through life.

Under Luna’s name rune, the proud parents then light the flame of their daughter’s life and pass on good wishes for the future to the little treasure. So the ceremony ends with a touching moment that will always be remembered by all present.

Dear Luna, we wish you all the best for your life’s journey – be courageous, humorous and empathetic!

Dear Franziska, dear Christopher, we were very happy about the reunion with you. It was an honour for us to perform the pagan baptism for your daughter – may the old gods always watch over your entire family.

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  1. Wir danken euch für diese wunderschöne Zeremonie, die besonders für mich sehr emotional war. Wir haben uns so sehr gefreut, euch endlich wiederzusehen und sind auch jetzt optimistisch, dass es nicht das letzte Mal war. Vielen Dank für alles!

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