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A Covenant for Eternity – Ancient Customs

A wedding celebration is a unique and unforgettable experience for two lovers. If a couple wants to celebrate this bond for life (and for eternity!) according to ancient tradition, then our marriage ceremony has these ancient wedding rituals ready for you.

Next to the handfasting, the spiritual wedding in the temple of matrimony is probably the most intimate and moving moment of the ceremony. During this time, not only the two bodies, but also the two sparks of life are interwoven. It is the true bond of love, because in this way the bride and groom remain connected even beyond death.

For this intimate moment, the bridal couple enters the specially prepared wedding temple. It is protected by a circle of fire and reserved exclusively for the two lovers. So close together, they promise each other things they feel for each other deep in their hearts. This creates an invisible yet real existing bond that welds the bridal couple together forever.

In the past years we have witnessed many beautiful vows. We have now compiled some of them for you. Please have a look at our small selection.

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