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12 August 2023 – Medieval Wedding in the State of Brandenburg

Dark pine forests, light sand and green meadows – Brandenburg, how beautiful you are! That’s how Bianca and Eric feel and invite to the Germanic Longhouse in Krügersdorf for their big day. Here our bridal couple will be married in the morning in a civil ceremony. Eric and Bianca will then celebrate their wedding with, with their family and with friends.

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22 July 2023 – Celtic Wedding with 180 Guests in Dolsenhain, Saxony

We are always happy to be guests in the region between Borna and Chemnitz. We have already been able to dispose of several happy couples in marriage here. And so it is today – we celebrate the pagan marriage ceremony with Sandra and Hendrik. It gives us great pleasure to host their special day, because for us this day is just as special. After all, it’s not every day that you celebrate a Celtic wedding with 180 guests!

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