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Dissolution of a Marriage Covenant on 20.06.2020

Sometimes the paths of partners separate, and the connection once entered into by choice is separated again by legal divorce.

The marriage covenant, which was formerly spiritual, is meanwhile dissolved by a special ceremony. To this the partners give their express consent. And also on this weekend the common journey through life of a former bridal couple ends. After the de-melting process has been completed, both can now enter into new connections free of charge.

Pagan Wedding and Flame Celebration on 2 February 2020

The great outdoors is the most beautiful place you can imagine for a pagan celebration. However, rain that has been going on for days is destroying this plan. Therefore we are looking for a rustic forest hut for our ceremony. We can find this in the Trassem Forest Adventure Centre in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the middle of the beautiful Eifel region and only a few kilometers from the border to Luxemburg.

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