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30 September 2023 – Wedding in the Clouds

It is the end of September and we are guests in Austria. Mystically, the mountain peaks of Salzburg Country are shrouded in mist today. Here on the Trattberg, high up in the clouds and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a feeling of freedom sets in. And our bride and groom feel exactly the same. They choose this special place to pledge their life covenant before the Old Gods and the Great Mother.

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Equinox: Torch Dance and Flame Celebration for the Marriage Ceremony near Karlsruhe

At the end of Petra’s and Roman’s wedding day comes the evening highlight. As the last rays of the sun go out, the glow of the magnificent torchlight dance lights up the dark night sky. A magical atmosphere is created at our final flame celebration. No one can escape the goosebumps as the bridal couple lights the fire. Under the burning runes we murmur stories from long ago and listen to the atmospheric music.

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