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Name Consecration on 1 July 2017 near Sigmaringen

In the context of the marriage of Sabrina and Joachim, we also conducted the name consecration for their son Theodor this weekend.

In the name consecration ceremony, the little baptizand is brought into contact with fire, water, earth and air – therefore all of the four elements – and the actual meaning of his name is being explained to him. But also father and mother as well as Godi (godmother) and Gedi (godfather) give good wishes and small gifts to little Theodor for his journey through life during his pagan baptism.

It was very nice for us, dear Theodor, to meet you, your parents and your godparents and to experience this special ceremony with you. We wish you all the best for your path through life!

Pictures of the Pagan Baptism

Ein Kommentar zum Beitrag

  1. Schön gemacht, Perfektion bis ins Detail und auch nebenbei viele Hintergründe zum Ursprung des Namens erklärt. Schöne Alternative zu herkömlichen Traditionen.
    Sehr empfehlenswert!

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