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Spring Greetings

Handfasting, name consecration, youth celebration, pagan wedding or marriage – as you can see on our schedule, our event calendar has become a little whirled around in these days.

Despite all confusion, we are happy and confident that our marriage year can start again soon. We are particularly looking forward to our second youth celebration, which will take place in June on the edge of the beautiful Harz. is ready and our trips to you are firmly planned!

We look forward to very special experiences during our visits to Bavaria, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt. For our wedding in Rhineland-Palatinate, our bridal couple Rebecca and Oliver had chosen the memorable date 02.02.20. This beautiful wedding is already behind us and came just in time before the “shutdown”. So you did a great job!

In June it will go on again – if the gods want. We will celebrate our ancient rites with you and solemnise the festivals and pagan customs together with you. And for all bridal couples who now had to postpone their celebrations with us: postponed is not canceled! We will see you later this year or 2021!

Until then, enjoy our beautiful mother nature, the sun, the growth, the re-awakening LIFE!

We send you the very best spring greetings and wish all readers and friends of a nice Ostara feast!