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2021: 4 Weddings, 1 Name Consecration and 1 Youth Celebration – our Highlights of the Year!

Another turbulent and irritating year for all has now come to an end. But despite the many errors and confusions, we made it through and hosted some fantastic ceremonies and celebrations.

Of course, this filled us with a lot of pride and enthusiasm, so that we would like to look back on it today:

In the beautiful month of May, Franziska and Robert from Lübben asked the old gods for bliss and permission for their pagan marriage ceremony. Happiness and joy set in at the midnight hour, when all friends present were allowed to witness the holy marriage.

And what did we do on the day of the summer solstice? On this venerable date we were together with Juliane and Sebastian in one of the most beautiful places we have probably ever held a marriage ceremony. The Irminsul was enthroned high above on the rocks of Buck’s Switzerland. There it watched over the ceremony and over the bridal couple in love. Look at the beautiful pictures!

In August we were invited to Nicole and Dirk in Lower Saxony. We have been closely connected with them for many years and have now been able to guide their eldest daughter Leni into a new phase of her life. Leni had a lot of fun at her youth celebration, but also learned a wisdom for life. When she shared her prizes with the friends, she noticed: gifts bring joy – regardless of whether you give or take them!

And also in September we met dear acquaintances. It was a special honour for us to be able to reconnect Rita and Björn for their tin anniversary. Having married the two of them in full love 10 years before, we were delighted to have a really warm and heartfelt reunion. The day in the far north was littered with highlights, as the second-born son Thore also received his name consecration. There under a mighty oak tree – the tree of his patron saint Thor – he was given the four elements of life. The evening finally ended with an impressive torch dance, where the burning torches lit up the night sky.

Shortly after the autumn equinox, Anett and Denis then sealed their bond of life according to old tradition. In the tranquil estate park of Mößlitz manor, everyone could see how the two of them ignited the flame of love with deep affection and affinity.

We would like to thank our bridal couples and their guests, our godchild Thore and the young maid Leni for the wonderful hours we were allowed to spend with you. All these moments give us strength and courage for the time to come.
– Thanks a lot for this! –

For a few weeks we will see this year’s bridal couples again as well as excerpts from the naming ceremony and the youth celebration.

May we see each other in large numbers again next year!


3 Kommentare zum Beitrag

  1. Hallo Eheleite,

    vielen Dank, und natürlich wünschen wir euch ebenfalls für dieses Jahr viel Glück, Gesundheit, Erfolg und vor allem Spaß.

    Das Video ist echt klasse.

    Wir freuen uns schon auf unsere Eheleite.

    Beste Grüße
    Anne und Maik

  2. Hi eheleite,
    ja wunderschönes Video. Wir sind dabei nach einer Lokation
    zu gucken, denn auf der Forst machen wir das auf keinen Fall wieder.
    Drückt die Daumen, dass das klappt, was wir in Aussicht haben 🙂
    frohes Neues euch allen!

  3. Liebes Team der Eheleite,

    Zur Wintersonnenwende senden wir euch die herzlichsten Grüße. Wir
    hoffen, dass ihr diesen besonderen Tag zusammen verbringen könnt.

    Wie gerne erinnern wir uns an unsere Feier. Eure wieder so liebevollen
    Videos werden uns ein Leben lang begleiten.

    Die Wintersonnenwende kündigt an, dass jeder Tag wieder etwas heller
    wird. Wir konzentrieren uns auf das Gute und zehren von den Freuden des letzten Sommers.

    Ganz lieben Gruß von uns vier
    Familie Marnau / Schober

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