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Off to a New Year of Marriage!

Hooray!!! Goddess Freyja’s day brought us back the light! Everyone can see it now, nature is dead slow awakening from hibernation. The first snowdrops and winter roses are stretching their heads towards the sun.

And in us, too, the zest for action is awakening and with it the preparations for our new wedding season! We have already met some bridal couples and thus got to know each other personally.

We are therefore looking at our calendar full of euphoria and optimism. We are looking forward to this year’s marriage ceremonies, life festivals, name consecrations and flame celebrations. Even our herb women come by for a chat and bring all kinds of useful things from their herb garden. Let us surprise you with the garden fruits they have in store for beauty and love.

To celebrate the old pagan rites and customs with you (also in the year I2022), we will be very happy to come to you and your guests in Brandenburg, Berlin, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Switzerland.

We are already looking forward to meeting many new people. Of course, everything has already been planned and agreed with us for I2022. However, anyone who would like to make a last-minute enquiry is welcome to do so. If it is possible, we will set up more dates. Just contact us or write an email with an appointment request.

It is a sheer joy for us that our weddings are so well received! That was and is our greatest motivation. There is simply nothing better than a happy bride and groom and beaming, satisfied guests. We give everything for this; no matter how big or small and secret a marriage ceremony is.

We look forward to seeing you!