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Punk Wedding on 9 April 2022 in Chorin

Since time immemorial, spring awakening has been a magical time. It is the time of the reawakening of nature, but also of our senses and deep feelings. And it is precisely this time that Anne and Stephan have chosen to celebrate their marriage ceremony.

Thereto we are invited to the mysterious Schorfheide. We meet our bridal couple in Sandkrug, near Chorin. At 7° C and typical April weather, we do our best to make the big day worthy.

Under the Irminsul, their long-awaited dream comes true: Anne and Stephan swear on their happiness together. The rain god, the god of wind and the triple-kissed Cernunnos provide the unique background music for the wedding ritual. As the sun breaks out from behind the clouds, the guests listen to the words of love and mutual fidelity. During the handfasting, everyone sees how closely the two hearts have long been bound together. To thunderous applause, all friends and relatives immediately give their approval to the newly formed life bond.

The end of this great day is marked by a torchlight dance, during which everyone is moved by the beautiful atmosphere.

Dear Anne and dear Stephan, we were delighted to be able to perform the ceremony for you. We wish you always to be as happy as you are today. May your love grow and blossom steadily, just as the buds on the trees are currently sprouting and flourishing. All the best and everyday sunshine for your future together!

7 Kommentare zum Beitrag

  1. Ihr Lieben!
    Wir hätten eure Liebe nicht besser zelebrieren können! Der Mond, die Sonne, die Gezeiten, die Himmelsrichtungen und unsere Herzen waren und sind bei euch.
    Dieses Fest wird uns allen noch lange nachhallen.

    Danke auch an den Clan, der uns mit so viel Energie und aufrichtigem Spirit begleitet hat.

    Patricia & André

  2. Meine Lieben,
    es war eine sehr berührende Zeremonie.
    Ich wünsche Euch nur das Beste auf Erden und hoffe, Ihr bleibt auf ewig glücklich!

    Mama Heike

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