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2023 – a Wedding Year full of Highlights!

We look back on an eventful year with joy and pride.

We have been guests in Brandenburg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Austria and the Czech Republic. We meet our bridal couples in historic mills, on lush green meadows and hills surrounded by nature or even in the snow-covered winter kingdom of the Snow Queen.

But regardless of whether in a mill, the rustic ambience of a Germanic longhouse, the garden at home or outside in the great outdoors: the very special flair of a marriage ceremony is only created by the people who celebrate this day together!

We fondly remember our herb women, who chat about all kinds of magic remedies and provide a lot of fun and entertainment. We will never forget the three sword consecrations, the many torch dances and evening flame celebrations that crown the successful festivals each time.

The naming ceremonies are special highlights for us. It fills us with pride when we see familiar faces again and these former bridal couples entrust us with their little darlings. This year, for example, the children Björn, Mara and the two siblings Juna and Talvi experience their pagan baptism. They are given the qualities of earth, water, air and fire. We give the four young baptizands all our good wishes and the blessing of the old gods on their journey through life.

In the deepest snow, in a dreamlike snow-covered landscape, Maik sheds all his unfavourable characteristics on his 44th birthday and during a traditional rebirth festival he begins a new phase of his life surrounded by his friends.

For us, this marks the end of this fantastic wedding season. This year we have welcomed eleven bridal couples, four baptizands and the reborn Maik into our hearts. We hope that everyone who was there will always have fond memories of the day!

We are already looking forward to next year and hope the people will be just as friendly and cheerful as the ones we met this year. For a few weeks, you can marvel at all the highlights of 2023 here once again. would like to sincerely thank all bridal couples and guests and wishes all readers of this site a successful 2024!

Next spring, we will be reporting back to you on marriage ceremonies, name celebrations and youth festivals.

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