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Up to the new Wedding Year 2021!

Although the days are currently still particularly cold and snowy, the sun has been shining noticeably longer in the sky. The Celts are now celebrating the Imbolc Festival of Lights. It is the first spring festival – the barren winter goddess is bid farewell and the fertile spring goddess is welcomed.

And just as nature slowly begins to wake up from hibernation, so does the thirst for action awake in us and with it the preparations for our new wedding season!

We look forward to the wedding year 2021 full of joy and energy. Whether handfasting, pagan marriage or medieval weddings – also this year we are pleased to all newlyweds and guests. Your ceremonies are firmly planned in our event calendar. We are very happy to come to Berlin, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Switzerland to celebrate together with you!

Of course, this year we will again celebrate some name consecrations, life festivals, youth celebrations and anniversaries under the dragon banner of the old religion. In doing so we will certainly get to know a lot of new people. But – and we are especially looking forward to it – we also see some familiar faces again. People we love to remember!

As always, we will report on all ceremonies, celebrations and experiences here on our website and look forward to the opinions and comments of our bridal couples and their guests.

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