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Greetings for Ostara/Easter

We are currently enjoying fragrant crocuses and daffodils – the first colourful messengers in the garden. In the woods and in the fields, too, countless fairytale cups and wood anemones stretch up their flowers. The days are getting longer and the warming light of the sun lures us out into nature.
Spring has finally returned!

In our regions we celebrate this time with the Ostara Festival. A festival in honour of the spring and fertility goddess Ostara (also Eostre). The young goddess of spring is often seen accompanied by the rabbit, which is another symbol of fertility and reproduction. Just like the (Easter) eggs symbolise the developing life.
Today’s Easter celebrations therefore undoubtedly have ancient, pagan roots.
With this in mind, we salute the great goddess!

With our video we send warm spring greetings to all friends and readers of and wish you all a nice Ostara festival!