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Name Consecration on 18 September 2021 in Schleswig-Holstein

We are happy that we are getting together with the family of the now 4-year-old Thore to celebrate his pagan baptism today. His parents Rita & Björn and his brother Thilo are already well known to us. We were allowed to carry out the name consecration for Thilo already in 2014. It is therefore a special honour for us to arrange the festival of life for the second-born Thore today.

During the ceremony, Thore are given the gifts and qualities of fire, earth, water and air. All four elements that he needs for life and that must be in constant balance with one another. Together with his parents and family, he listens as the Norns explain the real meaning of his name.

When the proud parents and Gedi (godfather) Timo and Bernd give their protégé gifts and positive wishes for his future journey through life, Thore smiles all over his face.

We would like to thank everyone present for the beautiful ceremony and wish you, dear Thore, be confident, strong and loyal! The favour of the old gods should accompany you for lifetime.

3 Kommentare zum Beitrag

  1. Liebes Team der Eheleite, wir sagen hier schon mal vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Zeremonie, der zweite Teil folgt 😉
    Es war wieder wundervoll.
    Lieben Dank

  2. Das war wirklich ein schöner Auftakt zu einem perfekten Tag. Die feierliche Stimmung zog alle in den Bann. Und Thore lief noch den ganzen Tag mit seinen Gaben herum. Auch er konnte wohl die Bedeutung spüren.

    Vielen lieben Dank!

  3. Lieber Thore,

    deine Namensweihe war wunderschön.
    Ich wünsche dir für deinen Lebensweg den Mut Dinge anzupacken, die Stärke durchzuhalten und die Zuversicht immer eine Lösung zu finden.
    Alles Liebe, Claudi

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