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Medieval Marriage with Handfasting on 28 June 2014 in Arnstadt

In Elxleben near Arnstadt a total of 120 guests gathered for the pagan marriage of Claudia and Matthias. In addition, the volunteer fire brigade (where the groom belongs to) was on site, in order to admire the evening splendour flames for once.

But we want to tell about it one by one: When we arrive in Elxleben at 10.30 in the morning, the wedding preparations are in full swing already, and Mr. Sun is also still laughing from the sky. We get down to work immediately to prepare the festival grounds so that the ceremony can start on time at 15.00. As we begin with the marriage ceremony as scheduled, a few small raindrops fall from the sky and welcome all guests to the wedding ritual.

However, a real Thuringian cannot be scared by that, and all those present listen to the event attentively and devoutly. When Claudia and Matthias swear the words of mutual love and loyalty then and everyone jumps up to wish “wealth and material blessings” to the bridal couple by throwing millet – the few drops of rain have long moved away since then, and we can continue with the pagan wedding ceremony in the open air as planned.

After coffee and cake have tasted well, the guests go onto the dance floor to shake a leg and laugh a lot while trying out our medieval dances.

After dinner the bride gives a musical serenade and then it goes on to the previously mentioned flame ceremony on the nearby meadow. And those who see Claudia and Matthias beaming beneath the burning runes in the end, know that the two of them have spent one of the most beautiful days of their so far life, today.

Dear Claudia, dear Matthias, dear Thuringians: You have been excellent hosts, friendly and attentive people with whom it is a pleasure to celebrate and to spend such a nice day!

Pictures of the Medieval Marriage

2 Kommentare zum Beitrag

  1. Wir waren froh dabei gewesen zu sein und wünschen Claudia und Matthias nochmal ALLES LIEBE für IHRE GEMEINSAME ZUKUNFT!!!!

    Von Herzen Peter + Michaela

  2. Um den vollen Wert des Glückes zu erfahren, brauchen wir jemand, um es zu teilen!
    Ganz nach Mark Twain möchten wir “Danke” sagen, für einen unvergesslichen Tag mit unbeschreiblich tollen Impressionen, sehr herzlichen Gleichgesinnten und einer wundervollen Eheleite!

    Mit vielen Grüßen
    Claudia und Matthias

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