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Pagan Birth-Initiation on 14 September 2014 in Peine

We are always exceptionally pleased, when former wedding couples book a name consecration or pagan birth initiation with us. It is a great compliment for us and appreciation of a bygone ceremony. Such a request motivates us in our actions, yet to arrange an unforgettable wedding day for many other people.

We have lead Nicole and Dirk into marriage on 07.07.2012 and already performed the name consecration for their firstborn son Arthur on that day. Meanwhile Leni was born, too, and so we have visited the young family in their new home. Together with family, friends and neighbors we had arranged this special day for Leni and afterwards everybody sat at the coffee table eating and chatting altogether.

We would like to say a big thank you to all attendees for taking part in our ceremony. And for the young family: May the Great Mother, who is the oldest and wisest, always watch over you and always protect you!

Pictures of the Pagan Birth-Initiation

Ein Kommentar zum Beitrag

  1. Ihr Lieben,

    es war für uns ein unvergesslicher Nachmittag. Und Leni hat gemerkt, daß sich alles um Sie dreht. Die Stimmung war einfach unbeschreiblich und wir und unsere Gäste fühlten uns sehr glücklich.
    Wir danken Euch von Herzen für diese schöne Zeremonie.
    Es hat uns viel bedeutet Euch alle wiederzusehen und ganz bestimmt sehen wir uns zur Namensweihe unseres Drittgeborenen wieder!

    Dirk und Nicole

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