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Lughnasa, the Corn Mother Festival

Summer, sun, sunshine – a time full of energy. But even if we are slowed down a bit this year, we will still remain active. We enjoy the summer to the fullest and explore our home country. We are rediscovering sacred sites such as old temples or barrows from the age of our ancestors. We also remember old virtues, local customs and festivals. So we celebrated the beginning of summer about 7 weeks ago with a magical solstice fire. Tomorrow’s full moon will mark the first Celtic harvest festival called Lughnasa. Although this festival is associated with the fire god Loki (Lugh) nowadays, the original background is slightly different. 10,500 years ago, the stars shined differently than they do today … we wise women ruled our small villages, and men, women, children and old people lived in peace and harmony with one another. Naturally, the sanctity of nature was worshiped. In this way the Corn Mother was shown honor, great respect and the appropriate offerings with every sowing and harvest. One worked and lived in harmony with nature and in mutual consultation with the Great Goddess – who shows herself to us as the Corn Mother with sickle in these days. Today, however, we have to witness how rampant their sacred territories are sullied and desecrated. We still recognize the beauty and grace, the wildness and the control of the Corn Mother. Her beautiful red-golden hair, the ripe cornfield that the wind plays with, the field of grain that waves and sways with the airflow. The red and gold mane whose mowing brings us the bread. With the sickle in her hand, she, also known as the reaper, Sif, Baba Yaga or Mati Syra Zemlya, severs and cuts what has to be separated and cut up. At the full moon we want to make an offering as a sign that we respect and regard the Great Corn Mother. Great Corn Mother, accept these offerings from the hands of those who have come together on the Old Way of their own free will and always welcome us in your forests, corridors, fields, meadows and other domains: feed and provide for us! We salute all friends and readers of – enjoy the high summer days and cheerfully look towards the golden autumn on the horizon!

Pictures for the Corn Mother Festival