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Reinhardswald – Save the Fairytale Forest!

A little politics. We are unfamiliar with this, but here it is a matter close to our hearts. Our myths and fairy tales live in this forest, and we from Eheleite do not stand apart there.

This is the forest in which most of the German fairy tales take place – which have been written down by the Brothers Grimm. This is the haunted forest. This is the forest in which one likes to get lost. This is the forest in which it is good to live (not only in the gingerbread house)!

In addition to our myths and fairy tales, ancient, friendly trees and natural beings like the dryads live here. The dryads are tree spirits, nymphs of the oak trees – living beings like you and me. It is only because modern mankind ignores natural beings that they believe they should simply be killed or driven away. Quite simply because a few other people in the state parliament of Hesse decide this! For them, trees are not living things, simply just objects.

Dryads, like all nymphs, are supernaturally long-living, but tied to their dwellings. It is so that with the death of the tree, its tree nymph also dies. For this reason, the nymphs, dryads, tree spirits, and the pagan gods punished any mortal who injured a tree without first calling, sacrificing, or relocating the tree nymphs.

The tree nymphs are the daughters of the forest spirit. Many of them have been handed down by name to this day: Aigeiros, Ampelos, Balanos, Daphne, Karya, Kraneia, Orea, Ptelea or Syke. The daughters of the forest spirit are the guardian spirits of the trees. We know: Aigeiros for the black poplar, Bacchus for the grapevine, Daphne for the laurel, Karya for the nut tree, Kraneia for the cornel cherry, Orea for the black mulberry tree and for the wild olive tree, Ptelea for the mountain elm and Syke for the fig tree.

Save the Fairytale Forest! Save the Fairytale Forest! Save the Fairytale Forest!

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