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Nebelung and Samhain

November has arrived. The downside of the golden autumn is coming – the time of cool, damp air, rain and autumn storms. Fog often obscures the entire landscape for hours, sometimes even for days. And so the month of November is also known as Nebelung or Nebelmond in the old language. A description that could not be more appropriate.

November is traditionally a time of peace and quiet – a month to commemorate the dead and to worship heroes.

In Celtic customs, the Samhain festival is celebrated for this. However, it is not a festival day in the sense of other holidays, but a process that extends over several days (half a lunar period). This period of time serves to gradually (but definitively and inexorably) say goodbye to the old year and old things and to prepare for the new year.

On the ghost nights between Samhain full moon and Samhain new moon, scary masks are used and noise and fireworks are held to drive away evil spirits, but also bad habits and undesirable events.

If you look at mother nature, you can see that the old vegetation year ends, the life and growth period is over now. But life only seems to go out, because in its natural rhythm it secretly prepares for a new beginning in spring. And so, dear friends and readers of, we too are slowly saying goodbye to this old year in order to start again in the coming spring.

For now, we wish you all a tranquil and peaceful winter time – see you soon!